20 February, 2009

10 Things About Me ..

1. In feb 29, 2009 (yeah, i know there's no feb 29 this year), i'm going 21.. woohoo, i'm getting old, not a girl not yet a woman.. 2. I have a boyfriend now, his name is MICHAEL CHRISTIAN. He's younger than me, he's 20 y.o now, but there's no problem with it. We're in relationship since August 26, 2004 til now, and we proud with our love.. Honestly, we often, like the other couple, get angry with each other, but it's just normal right ?? Haha.. 3. I'm chinese (i born and live in Indonesia), but i can't speak or read or write in chinese at all.. ^__^ 4. I just have 1 brother (i'm the youngest) in my family.. Now, he already get married and have 1 handsome son.. the little boy call me ku-ku which means aunty in bangka belitung (khek-chinese) language. 5. Sometimes, i work as a part-timer freelance stand guide/usher at special event, but i'm NOT a Sales Promotion Girl (SPG), cause i don't selling anything. Just standing at the booth and tell the customer about our product. That's it. 6. I loveee color, lovee every single color that you know.. Blue, pink, purple, green, white, black, gold, brown, ... You name it !! That's why i heart rainbow so much.. ;D 7. I love beads, especially SWAROVSKI BEADS. I love to make an accecories (such as bracelet, earrings, and necklace) with the swarovski beads. Love the sparkle when it hits the light.. 8. I'm addicted when it comes to beauty. Love playing with colors, both in my face (my make-up of course :D) and in my body (i talk about what i'm wearing).. 9. I only have 4 friends who i called "best friends forever". 2 from college, 1 from high school, and 1 from kindergarten.. yeah, i'm not that kind of girl who always surrounded by their friends. 10. Honestly, i'm not very fluently to talk and write in english. My bad, although i learned english since elementary school, but i rarely used it. Besides, i know that practice makes perfect. that's my very very embarrassing thing in my life. But surely i wanna improve myself.

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